Final Planning Conference for the Field Exercise (FPC)

On Tuesday, 07th of September 2021, Final Planning Conference for the Field Exercise (FPC) will be held in Banja Luka, with representatives of project partners, Civil Protection Directorate MoI Republic of Croatia as well as Association for Risk Management AZUR.

The primary goal of the final planning conference is to complete and adopt the exercise study with all necessary elements of the exercise (detailed scenario, exercise objectives, exercise participants, site preparation, exercise dynamics, logistics and security plan, observer program and exercise analysis). Special emphasis is placed on appointing representatives of project partners in thematic teams for the organization of the exercise in accordance with the study of the exercise and precisely defining the exercise group.

Operational teams nominated for the exercise must have completed training in Work Package 1 (CMI – Introductory course in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism) and Work Package 2 (Camp Management, Urban Search and Rescue, Water Rescue- RESCUE 3)

The conference is attended by two representatives of each of the project partners (Ministry of Security of BiH, Federal Administration of Civil Protection, Civil Protection Administration of Republika Srpska, Department for Public Safety of Brcko District of BiH). The conference is attended by representatives of the Civil Protection Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior Republic of Croatia as the leader of the Consortium, and representatives of the AZUR for logistical support.