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EU Civil Protection Mechanism

Some of first serious beginnings in the area of civil protection on the global level date back to 1985, at the ministerial meeting in Rome, after which certain steps have been made related to preparedness in the case of emergency, that is, establishing mutual mechanism for solving crisis which included terrorist threats. This idea came to life through establishment of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in 2001, so that Mechanism could support mobilization of emergency assistence in case of big disasters inside and outside of the European Union. Learn more.

About the Project EU 4 Better Civil Protection

How the action will improve the situation of the target groups and final beneficiaries?

Pre project situation in the protection and rescue system in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in unsatisfactory criteria and standards of the EU. The implementation of all project activities of defined priorities of the project will significantly improve the state of protection and rescue system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will create conditions for access to the mechanism of civilian protection EU. Today’s situation raises the level of risk assessment and vulnerability of the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly risk assessment of flooding in the north and the fires in the south of the country. The implementation of all planned activities will reduce the vulnerability of the territory Bosnia and Herzegovina and will create conditions for access to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The project has been structured into Components (Work Packages, WP) and Activities (Act.X.X) for better management and smooth implementation and monitoring.

1. Development of civil protection capacity (WP1)

WP Leader: Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia

The aim of the activity is to contribute to preparation of the Civil Protection System in Bosnia and Herzegovina for process of accession to EU CPM. The activities include capacity building measures on legal, technical, material, and human resources within the Civil Protection System in Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with the EU CPM requirements.

2. Training for intervention and rescue teams (WP2)

WP Leader:Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia

The aim of WP2 activities is to increase knowledge and skills of the Intervention Teams to efficiently respond in crises and to ensure long term, continuous and sustainable training program.

3. Disaster risk reduction approach (WP3)

WP Leader: AZUR

The aim of the WP3 activities is to increase capacities of the local communities (municipalities) in disaster risk reduction activities by providing assistance in development of required plans and analysis in line with the EU guidelines, policies and best practices. This will directly contribute to creation of unified and standardised approach to disaster risk reduction and increase capacities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in area of disaster prevention and preparedness.

4. Project visibility (WP4)

WP Leader: AZUR

The aim of WP 4 is to developed visibility actions to develop public preventative awareness and improve resistance of local communities.

5. Project management and reporting (WP5)

WP Leader: Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia

The aim of WP 5 is to ensure effective, timely and efficient implementation of the Project. The Project involves many local and international stakeholders. Therefore, coordination, cooperation and continuous monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation is the prerequisite for the success of the Project.

Expected results

Competent authorities have developed capacities in order for Bosnia and Herzegovina to become a participant in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Civil protection institutions as well as emergency and rescue forces are capable for mutual response in the case of disaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Approach for disaster risk reduction has been established through integrated risk assessment into preparedness plans on the entire are of the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Secured visibility of the project and quality reporting of the project.

Project partners

Ministry of Internal Affairs Republic of Croatia (European Union) – coordinator

Association for risk management AZUR (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – partner

Project beneficiaries

Ministry of Security Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republic Civil Protection Administration of the Republic of Srpska

Federal Civil Protection Administration

Department for Public Safety of the Brčko Distrcit BiH

Final beneficiaries

Municipalities that have been treated by the project and local communities in Bosina and Herzegovina

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosanska Krupa
Stari Grad Sarajevo
Pale u FBiH

Republic of Srpska
Kupres (RS)

Project goals

Main goal is to reduce sensibility and to increase resistance to natural and technical-technological disasters on all levels in the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Specific goal is to increase civil protection capacities in the area of prevention, preparedness and response to natural and technical-technological disasters, while having in mind EU best practices.

Duration of the Project

01/03/2019 – 01/11/2021

Project budget

1.498.800 €

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