DRR quizzes for students of elementary and high school, within the project EU 4 Better Civil Protection

As part of the implementation of the project “EU for better civil protection” in work package 4 (WP 4), a quiz was conducted with elementary and high school students, with the aim of fun and learning. In this way, we want to convey basic knowledge to our dear schoolchildren about the protection and rescue segment, in this project, and the dangers that can happen to them, which are natural and other accidents.

From October 15 to 22, 2021, a quiz was conducted, validating the situation with the coronavirus pandemic (SARS CoV 2) in only one way, during the period when classes were held online or combined.

The project was supported by the European Union. Information and brochures about the answers to the questions could be found on the website www.eu4bettercivilprotection.ba., and on the pages of the project users, whose pages we have links to on the page www.eu4bettercivilprotection.ba.

The content and questions were designed and formed by experts based on pedagogical standards. The quiz was open from October 15 to October 22 of this year – high school students could sign up at the link posted on this page for the duration of the quiz.

The quiz was held via the Google Classroom platform, which has been adapted and is used to hold classes in primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the coronavirus.

The photos of the quiz participants are not available because the quiz was conducted via an online platform, especially bearing in mind that they are minors, and that their photography and public publication require special approval from educational institutions and their parents.

Invitation to schoolchildren: Take part in an online quiz and win valuable prizes