Status Quo workshop – Provide information and training on EU civil protection legislation and implementing rules through, (within the Project “EU 4 Better Civil Protection”)

Status quo workshop has been held in Hotel Holiday and in state institutions in Sarajevo, organized by Ministry of Interior Republic of Croatia and Association for Risk Management AZUR, within implementation of the project „EU 4 Better Civil Protection“ and due to BiH accessing EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Around 30 experts from relevant protection, rescue and prevention institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina has participated in the workshop, including Ministry of Security Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal Civil Protection Administration of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic Administration of Civil Protection Republic of Srpska, Department of Public Safety of the Brčko District and cantonal entities of civil protection from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Workshop has been conducted by Ministry of Interior Republic of Croatia, by hiring and including eminent experts. Thematic areas were based on identification and analysis of BiH civil protection legislation; introducing EU practice (example of EU Member States – Republic of Croatia); and on the steps for harmonizing legal solutions of BiH with legal solutions of the European Union.

Participants have heard about European practical experience from Republic of Croatia. Since Bosnia and Herzegovina is complex and specific country, this was an opportunity to hear opinions from members of civil protection sectors in BiH, who also attended the workshop, their field experiences and ways to function and act in emergency situations.

Training went in good and constructive atmosphere.